Banding & Web Design

Pro Design, a branding agency in Hong Kong. We specialize in creative branding, website design and SEO marketing of web keywords. We can help you create business image and promote to become a search engine home page in a short time, quickly and effectively bring more business. If you are ready to create a brand new image and website for your business, please feel free to contact us! Our CMS is compatible with laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens.

Pro Design’s web design includes:comprehensive business of web UX design, web UI design, web development, website SEO marketing, website maintenance and website hosting.

Pro Design’s brand design includes: VI graphic design, packaging design and elemental integration of email marketing strategies.


Network is the development trend of today’s society. A successful web design is not only aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and suits user group of the website, it can also bring business value. Pro Design bring the elements that web UX design, web UI design, web development, web SEO marketing, web maintenance and web hosting together. We create your business possibilities.

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Branding is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services. Brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived. We create your own brand identities.

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“UX” stands for “user experience.” A user’s experience of the app is determined by how they interact with it. we make sure the user experience smooth and intuitive. 

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Developers connect the custom-built web pages to WordPress Management System after design. We’ll offer a workshop and show you all the ins and outs after completion.

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SEO, which aims to obtain better organic ranking and organic traffic by optimizing the conditions of the website. We can help you promote to bring more business.

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We offer web maintenance and hosting to keep your website up and running. From installed plugins and providing the security updates to hosting solutions on servers.

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Pro Design’s VI graphic design work can be used for logos, business cards, websites, packaging, brochures, flyers, banners, work attires, advertisements and more. We help to build your unparalleled company’s image.

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Branding agency Pro Design plan and formulate the construction and graphical elements of a product’s package, including size and shape, labelling, colour, appearance, convenience, protection and economy.

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A regular email marketing campaign is necessary to keep customers updated with your company and to maintain a close customer-brand connection. Pro Design help you get a boost in traffic and sales.

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